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Robin Price is a distinguished leader and influencer in the field of birth support, seamlessly blending her formal education with her innate calling as a doula. From a young age, Robin discovered her passion for birth work, providing doula support to friends and family even before fully understanding the term. Guided by a higher purpose, Robin's journey unfolded to establish Robins Cradle Doula Services—a testament to her unwavering commitment to empowering birthing individuals.

An alumna of Winston Salem State University, renowned for its nursing program, Robin's academic prowess shines through with a degree in English and Sports Management, earned on a full academic and volleyball scholarship. Building on this foundation, she achieved Masters degrees in Health Administration (MHA), Project Management (MPM), and an MBA in 2008. Her educational achievements showcase a commitment to excellence and a multifaceted understanding of healthcare administration.

With a career deeply rooted in the healthcare industry, Robin has been a pivotal force in administration, regulatory strategy, and health policy. Her impactful contributions extend beyond the boardroom, influencing the very fabric of the health system and shaping the experiences of women on their unique birth journeys.

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Witnessing the intricacies and challenges within the North Carolina birth care landscape, Robin founded Robins Cradle Doula Services, driven by a mission to address alarming statistics and provide unwavering support to her clients. Her approach is centered on guiding, encouraging, and sharing a wealth of knowledge to enable informed decisions, ensuring that each client achieves the birth experience they envision.

Notably, Robin leads a team of capable doulas under Robins Cradle Doula Services, further expanding her reach and impact. This collaborative effort reflects her dedication to creating a network of support that goes beyond the individual, enhancing the overall birthing experience for families.

Robin's philosophy is not about dictating how to have a baby but illuminating the inherent strength within each individual's design. Her clients discover their innate power, embracing the divinely equipped journey of childbirth. As a dynamic and influential presence, Robin Price is not just a doula; she is a transformative guide, inspiring confidence and compelling others to share in the transformative experience of Robins Cradle Doula Services.

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Our Commitments and Values 

The mission of Robins Cradle is to empower our clients by sharing information that promoted their ability to make informed decision-making about their birth plan. As your doula, RCDS is committed to providing culturally congruent care to diverse groups of birthers with the goal of trauma prevention through proactive guidance, mediation, and advocacy. Our goals are informed by our values​​.

  • Provide birthers with compassionate support and knowledge during pregnancy, labor, birth, and early postpartum.

  • Actively work to make my services are available to anyone who needs them regardless of age, culture, abilities, bodies, ethnic origin, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, nationality, race, religion, or socioeconomic status.

  • Advocate to influence change: Birthers are heard, Birth inclusivity, and continued education.

Membership & Certification


AED, CPR, Infant certified with National CPR Foundation


Certified D.O.N.A Member

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